Sweet Virginia

I made it to the farm last week and have been settling into my new studio space... follow my blog for updates in the next couple weeks!!  I'll be starting all of the photographs for my next ebook and texture book a week from today, also setting up some free instructional videos and the ability to do private lessons via Skype!  Stay tuned...


Studio Sale!

I'm moving back east and am getting rid of some my stuff - furniture, home décor items, art supplies (brushes, papers, fabric, small amounts of paint), storage bins, etc...some of it will be priced to sell, some will be free - bargains all around! There will be paintings for sale, old and new, so it's also my last art show while living in DTLA! Come hang out, peruse the goods and say goodbye!!

More info here:


Mini Yucatan

My new Yucatan series of mini oil landscapes is done!  See them all here!


Mini Peru

I've started a new series of landscape mini's... check out my blog for more info!


Death Valley painting series finished

I've finished a series of four small oil paintings inspired by my recent trip to Death Valley, please visit my blog for more images!


Next: Mini Peru!!