- Painting Commissions -


I am accepting commissions again on small landscapes and birds!  Commissions are great as gifts or to be enjoyed for yourself!  Below are some details about the process...

- All paintings are done on a wood panel, this is my preference as they are more sturdy than canvas.

- Paintings can either be done in acrylic or oil, pricing varies by medium and size.  If acrylic is requested, I will email you a list of questions about how you want the layers to look (ie: flat, textured, smooth, absorbent, etc).

- Paintings can be done from my photographs or your photographs, but no one else's unless you have permission in writing from the photographer.  This is to make sure that neither party is responsible for violation of copyright.

- The sizes below are in inches and run in various measurements/shapes from 6x6 to 11x14.  For sizes larger than 11x14, please email me at amyshawley@gmail.com. 

- Turn around time depends on the size/medium and will be given to you at the time of your inquiry.

- Shipping is not included in the pricing.  I will work out the most cost effective shipping rate to your address once your inquiry is sent.

- Send all commission inquiries to: amyshawley@gmail.com



Acrylic Paintings

6x6 - $125 (landscapes only, no birds this size)

8x8 - $165

8x10 - $190

10x10 - $215

9x12 - $250

12x12 - $300

11x14 - $325


Oil Paintings:

6x6 - $140 (landscapes only, no birds this size)

8x8 - $175

8x10 - $210

10x10 - $240

9x12 - $265

12x12 - $310

11x14 - $340