Tutorial: Using an Acrylic Skin as Tracing Paper

I made a new video that talks about one of my favorite techniques with acrylic paint - using an acrylic paint "skin" as tracing paper!  I mention this a lot in my lectures and workshops, so it's fun to now have a quick video that you can reference for making these at home!   


Kestrel for a Cause

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is having their annual fundraising gala & auction on October 29 and when I offered to donate a new painting, they asked if I could paint a portrait of their newest educational bird to be auctioned off with its naming rights!  The American Kestrel is one of my favorite birds, so I was happy to spend time painting one, especially for a good cause!  More information about the wildlife center and their rehabilitation efforts can be found on their website and be sure to click the bird below to find out more information about the auction and their new kestrel! 

Untitled (American Kestel), Oil on Wood Panel, 10x10inches


Barn Owl in Progress

This Barn Owl is sitting on my easel and is just about finished!  I was so happy to find a combination of colors in oil that mimic Micaceous Iron Oxide in acrylic - Williamsburg Graphite Gray + Iridescent Silver - yum!


First Friday Follow Up


This past Friday I was back at The Art Box in Charlottesville to demo "Painterly Prints"!  Below is a quick and easy project idea that I demo'd, and if you want a more hands-on experience with printing - I've recently added my Painterly Prints workshop to the Fall schedule, visit my workshops page for more details!


New Oil Paintings!

 I've finished some new birds and they are available in my shop!  Both measure 10x10 inches and are done in oil on wood...

Northen Cardinal, Oil on Wood, 10x10 inches


Micronesian Kingfisher, Oil on Wood, 10x10 inches