Bird in Progress: Micronesian Kingfisher

In preparation for my online workshops, I've been playing around with more video shoots and set up a YouTube channel!  Here is a two minute timelapse video of an oil painting I started last week:



And this is where I ended up by the end of the video:


Stay tuned for more videos and paintings as I build a new body of work! :)


Testing, testing...

I'm starting to shoot video tests to gear up for my online workshops, here's a quick timelapse video of a painting I'm working on!



Workshop Calendar Updated!

I've updated my workshop listings through August and September, I've brought back some old favorites and added new ones!  Visit my workshops page for details!

Up next on Aug 7 is Luscious Layering Effects with Acrylic Gels...


Followed by Mixed Media Layering with Watercolor and Acrylic on Aug 14...

Then a textures workshop on Aug 20 and Using Acrylics like Oil on Aug 21!


I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events!  



New Body of Work

 Now that life has calmed down after getting married and moving into our house, I've set up a small art room for myself here and have gotten started on a new body of work.  It sounds a bit intimidating calling it that, but after an extended hiatus from painting and showing my art on a regular basis - I am READY and there is no shortage of inspiration and source material!  

I'm moving forward with painting in a series and have several series planned - they will feature specific natural habitats that I've traveled to as well as the birds that live there (painted from my own photographs!).  The first series is inspired by my trips to swamps and wetlands, here is a peek of a work in progress...

I'm staying with a looser style for my backgrounds and keeping the details (and tiny brushes) in my birds.  I have six paintings going right now and can't wait to share more of my progress!  



Explore the Tables to Find Your Bird...

My big project for the wedding was to have a table bird instead of a table number - so of course I wanted to paint them all and turn the centerpieces into a whimsical display!  Here's how they all turned out!!  I'm thinking about doing prints of some of my birds, more to come on this idea... :)