Coming Soon - Acrylic Texture Adventure: Forest

My first online workshop is coming out at the end of March (my timeline was delayed due to illness!) and I've put together an overview video of the ideas involved, with a second "project preview" to be released in a few weeks when registration officially opens!  See the overview below and continue reading for more info!  

Acrylic Texture Adventure: Forest includes 10 step-by-step texture projects along with 2 start-to-finish painting tutorials (using acrylic paints and mediums) to give you ideas for how to incorporate the surfaces in finished work.  The lessons take place both in the studio and on-site in the woods, though most of the hands-on painting is done in doors :)  Each lesson has a video component (~20min per lesson) and students will be able to download pdf files that follow the video content to print out at home (if you have ever been to one of my hands-on workshops, these pdf's are similar to what I send but with more photos!).  The workshop is forest-themed but even if you don't live near a forest to access reference material in person, I will give you tips for how to find alternative source material in your area!

This workshop is self-paced and students are encouraged to email me with questions as needed.  There will not be a required weekly check-in, but for those on Facebook, there will be a private group where we can all share ideas and our work with each other regularly!

Registration will be done through an online school I've been working on and you will be able to set up an account and sign in to view the workshop - a link to the school will be ready in a few weeks when the project preview video is released!

Enrollment fee is $75.00

If you are interested and would like to be on my email list of the first to be notified when registration opens, please send a message to:


To see some of my free tutorials visit my YouTube channel!






New Etsy shop open!

I put together a new Etsy shop and have been stocking it with some small (and under $80) paintings!  Check it out at the link below or under my "Shop" tab!: 


New Video Tutorial: Abstract Textured Landscape!

For you texture lovers out there, here is an idea for using Coarse Pumice Gel to make an abstract textured landscape!:


Online Workshop Finally Happening!


I'm in the middle of designing and shooting my first online workshop!  Acrylic Texture Adventure: Forest will be released in January!  Join me on a creative walk in the woods and discover how to make realistic and interpretive textures inspired by the forest! 


Tutorial: Using an Acrylic Skin as Tracing Paper

I made a new video that talks about one of my favorite techniques with acrylic paint - using an acrylic paint "skin" as tracing paper!  I mention this a lot in my lectures and workshops, so it's fun to now have a quick video that you can reference for making these at home!