New YouTube Video!


I'm back to making some video tutorials for my YouTube channel and thought I'd post a shortcut to a segment of the Illustrated Ghosts tutorial I did for StencilGirl Products last Fall.  This is a technique for how to adhere acrylic works on paper to a wood panel - it is one of my favorite and frequently used parts of the creative process!


Embracing the new normal

I took the last few months off of many things art-related to focus on my new baby... yes, that's right I HAVE A BABY NOW!  Henry Lewis Paquette was born at 6:24pm on October 9 after 48 hours of labor... he was 7lb 8oz and 19 inches long and it was the most incredible day of my life.  Henry is now 4.5 months, 18lb 12oz and 25 1/4 inches long - mama's big boy!  The time has flown and new parenthood has been a blur and so much work but so amazing and rewarding.  Many things from life before Henry have changed of course, but much has stayed the same and we have been getting used to our new "normal"...  

I've been able to work on paintings while Henry sleeps...we've been lucky that he's a good night sleeper (so far), but he's not so good at naps during the day.  His best nap (if he takes it) is in the morning, so I've learned to love the hour or so I get to work on my art and accept that what does not get done must wait until the next day...a big adjustment for a taskmaster like myself!  It's taken a couple months, but I just finished a series of three dinosaur illustrations and had prints made of them too!

Stay tuned for more info on these dino prints and for Henry stories as I journey through my art and teaching life now as a mom!


New Art and Projects!

Once again I've realized it has been awhile since my last blog post!  The Summer flew by as I was hiding out in my studio getting ready for an art show...I've updated my artwork page with the new work, click on the wrens below to get there!

Melodies in the Marsh, Oil on Panel, 6x12 inches

I'm happy to announce there will be some fun changes to my Fall/Winter schedule (and life in general moving forward)... many of you may know already but for those that don't - I am pregnant (currently 34 weeks) and due the first week of October!  I will be taking some months off from teaching in person so that I can get into a good routine with our baby boy, BUT I will be more active online with this blog, videos, and online workshops.  Those that had asked about the online workshop I advertised earlier this year, thank you! - pregnancy symptoms and my travel schedule presented a major challenge in finishing the workshop development and I decided it was best put it on hold for awhile.  Now that my travel teaching has ended until February 2018, I will get to revisit projects put on hold and get them out into the world!  I have planned more tutorial blogs (including one that will be featured on the Stencil Girl blog Nov 6) and videos as well as a series of shorter online classes that align with the ones I already teach in person!  Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!


We Found a Moment of Calm, Oil on Panel, 8x8 inches

They Gathered in the Spring, Oil on Panel, 14x11 inches



Step outside... the creative comfort zone

This Spring I took a six week course with Lara Call Gastinger on botanical watercolor painting!  I must say, even for a meticulous painter like me, it was a big step outside my comfort zone to work with watercolor this way.  It reminded me that to grow as painters, we must challenge ourselves to create things we never have before - try new reference material, paint from life, use a different type of paint, a new selection of colors or limited palette, different sizes of brushes (in this case TINY), and try painting with other people around to keep a conversation going about the process!  Below is my final project from class, a red lettuce leaf - it needs a bit more work but I'm happy with how it has developed so far... 


New Williamsburg Oil Events!

An exciting opportunity came up for me last year that I am proud to share - I was chosen by Williamsburg Oils to be a part of their new education program and having been going through extensive technical training to be able to conduct lectures on oil painting!  Myself and three other artists spent a week at the Golden Paints factory studying under the Williamsburg oil experts and paint makers to expand our depth of knowledge on the medium, then spent several months doing extensive readings to study the material.  Next steps are to book lectures, so if you know of venues/art groups that would benefit from a technical lecture on oil painting, please let me know so that I can forward the info to Williamsburg to approve an event!

As part of this program, myself and the three other Williamsburg artist lecturers were invited to choose a couple of our favorite colors in the Williamsburg line to be featured in promotional displays this Spring and Fall.  My Spring color is Prussian Blue and the promotional displays can be found in select art stores nationwide!  I was able to see one recently at the Jerry's Artarama in Knoxville, TN when I did a Golden lecture/demo there last month...


 In addition to the oil lectures I will be doing, I will also be starting to offer regular hands-on oil painting workshops at my studio and the first will be happening on Friday June from 12-5pm ($65 fee)!  Drop me a line if you are interested in signing up - amyshawley@gmail.com