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New Studio Happenings

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday season!  I started using our new studio more in December and decided to really break it in by having a Holiday Open House!  

I set up an area with art and ornaments for sale and had a demo table to show fun printmaking ideas!  It was exciting to have a bunch of visitors to the new space and I'm so looking forward to hosting workshops here!

We will be running the Open Houses quarterly for 2019, so if you missed this first one, mark your calendars for mid-March!

Once the Open House was over, I got working on my holiday cards for this year!  The studio space allows me to spread out larger projects with ease, which is great for having a bunch of wet surfaces needing space to dry!  I put up a quick video on my YouTube channel on how I made the cards this year, check it out here: www.youtube.com/c/amyshawley

The next creative projects to happen in the studio are my Winter workshops - be sure to check out my workshops page for the list of events, the first one is "Acrylic Texture Essentials" happening on Friday January 18!

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