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Back to School!

Summer is just about over (except for this hot weather!) and teachers are returning to classrooms!  While I don't teach in a traditional school, my teaching schedule typically follows the school calendar, so I'm winding down a Summer of painting and family time so that I can get back to my lectures, workshops, and online videos!

My biggest news is that I have a new teaching space and it's in my very own backyard!  My husband, his father, and I worked on converting an old shed into a creative space.  Tom will use it for music, and I will be using my area as a teaching studio for private lessons and small group workshops.  More info about the space can be found here.  If you or you and a few friends want to build your own private workshop, you can book your own workshop at my teaching studio - weekday, weekend, daytime, evening - let's paint!  At this time the space is only available for private booking, I will not be scheduling a rotation of workshops like I did at my Scottsville studio.

My first free lecture of the season is this coming Sunday Sept 9 at Plaza Art Supply in Rockville, MD and is all about Williamsburg Oil Paints, it is open to the public and includes a hands-on component where you can feel the amazing textures of Williamsburg! Space is limited but there are a few spots left, to sign up, call the store at 301-770-0500!

My first workshop of the Fall is a two-day event being held at the Vienna Art Society's Art Center in Vienna, VA.  It is called Amazing Acrylic Layers, is $230 (all materials included) and more info can be found here

For my full schedule of open-to-the-public events with Golden Paints and Williamsburg Oils, visit my page on their website here.

I hope to see you for a lecture or workshop soon!  In the meantime, if you have any painting or materials questions, please email me at: amyshawley@gmail.com

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