Amy Shawley is a Virginia-based visual artist whose painting and illustration is inspired by the natural world.  Her work incorporates fauna, flora, landscapes, and textures she has experienced during her travels and everyday life.

After earning her Art History degree, developing her love of paint, and exhibiting her work in New York and LA, Amy was selected and trained in 2008 by Golden Artist Colors for their Working Artist Program.  She taught and lectured in their southern California territory for six years then relocated back east to offer painting lectures in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware.  

Amy teaches art workshops nationally, offers online education, and published her first book in 2015

When she is not painting, teaching, writing, or bird watching, Amy can be found exploring the corners of the earth looking for new inspiration!

Please contact Amy if you wish to inquire about available work, commissions or workshops!





SAGE Magazine - Volume II, Issue I

 Pop Surrealism Magazine - Fall 2010